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Private Contents

Does your community have any special requests? Customize your contents to increase your revenue!


Post exclusive contents to the unit. Choose a price and even offer promotions !

Fan Club

Add unique content for your fans by feeding your Private flow and build a strong community!

Live Streamings

Create paid private live streams for people based on your availability.

Become a Creator

Start earn!

Join our community now and start growing yours while generating money easily! Creative can use many features. For example, creators can earn money. What you need to do for this is very simple. Register and click the Become a Creator button.Making money is not far off. Come on, be a creator.

• You can earn X-AI by creating a new post every day.
• You can earn X-AI by liking posts that interest you.
• You can earn X-AI by commenting on posts that interest you.
• Get X-AI by liking comments that interest you.
• Play to earn on criptogames

Artificial inteligence features

Increase your earnings!

As AI learns from data, it can use social media audience data to accelerate revenue in many ways.

- Generate posts and images the way you want
- Get recommendations with examples of what to post and receive more engagement
- Track mentions of your global brand
- Find emerging consumer trends
- Find new audiences to share content
- Get alerts on your page/account reputation
- Monitor all social mentions
- Identify new promising avenues for promoting your page/account.
- Schedule social media posts
- Set the best time and day for posts

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